Lucia Griggi takes us to the ocean, to ride the wave and feel the ocean breeze on the face

Publicado: 01/18/2010 en Entrevistas
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“Surfing for me was my inspiration, being in the ocean, feeling the water and the sand between my toes living my life on a beach was where I felt at home”

Lucia Griggi

A surf picture many times stays in the surfer’s trick. In Lucia’s case, her photography goes way beyond the shot and takes us to a wonderful world of sensations. It drives us to a universe of experiences that the surfer lives through the pictures she takes. I was really amazed when I first saw her work; Facundo Collar (Argentinean photographer) recommended her and I started pasting some of her pictures infront of my desk, to see if I could discover the details that makes her photography so special. Sometimes I believed it could be the colors, in an innovate, edgy angle… but no, Lucia is an artist of the lens and as every artist its her particular sensitivity the reason why her photography stands out and reaches us. Lucia Griggi’s photography takes us to the ocean, to ride the wave and feel the ocean breeze on the face.

She definitely lives infront of the sea!

ADNnativo Team


(ADNnativo) How do you found this passion for the photography?

(Lucia Griggi) I discovered my passion for photography when i was given my first point and shoot camera and left for the deserts and right hand points of morocco on a surf trip with some friends. Apart from surfing i discovered I enjoyed capturing the moments with my camera that I had been living the past few years. Since then I never put my camera down. Progressing on to Nikon cameras i carried on shooting and started to work in the UK surf industry then progressed, switched to canon, and shooting internationally

(ADNnativo) Is the photographer born or it becomes?

(Lucia Griggi) That’s a good question, I think both. I believe if you work hard enough at anything you can become good at it, I guess it comes more natural to others which is why they would be born with the natural talent. For me I have never studied photography but learnt it as I went along shooting what I loved. Im glad I did it like this.

(ADNnativo) Your first camera?

(Lucia Griggi) My first camera was my dads nikon film SLR, It was old but its all I had at the time.


(ADNnativo) What kind of photo do you prefer?

(Lucia Griggi) I am mainly a portrait/lifestyle photographer. I shoot mainly in the outdoor beach industry, in and out of the water. At the moment I am working on a book being published by voyager press, documenting the history of skateboarding. I am Shooting portraits in California of influential skateboarders from Tony Alva to Tony Hawk.

(ADNnativo) Do you have some special photographer that you admire?

Steve Mccurry    –

Art Brewer          –

(ADNnativo) Do you surf?

(Lucia Griggi) yes I surf, this was my inspiration for photography.

(ADNnativo) Tell us about the experience and the importance of make surf to make surf photos.

(Lucia Griggi) Surfing for me was my inspiration, being in the ocean, feeling the water and the sand between my toes living my life on a beach was where I felt at home. It was an advantage to surf to be able to shoot photographs of surfers. It makes it easier to time the shots better and you can predict the turns. To understand the sport by actually performing it helps a great deal with taking the photos.

(ADNnativo) Do you use filters to shoot?

(Lucia Griggi) No, I dont use any filters while I shoot.

(ADNnativo) What do you think about the digital postproduction of photos, do you use it?

(Lucia Griggi) Yes I do, with all the shots i take i put through a digital procedure. A very short process i use to adjust my images, bringing out saturation and contrast within my photos.

(ADNnativo) Do you want to share with us some tips to make surf photos?

(Lucia Griggi) It is a highly competitive field with not great amounts of money! Money is compromised by its lifestyle. A lot of hard work is needed and perseverance, try to keep fit and still get in the water to surf when you can. Try and find different angles to others already shooting on the beach.

(ADNnativo0 There’s a special aesthetics growing into people that work with the ocean… Do you agreed?

(Lucia Griggi) I truly believe that the long amounts of time you spend in the ocean, like any place, you become familiar with and become accustomed to its nature. The ocean to me is where i feel most comfortable, stress free and at one with nature. I get to experience dolphins swimming beneath my feet, the energy of the ocean under my board and the power of nature in the waves.

(ADNnativo) What kind of camera do you use?

I use canon cameras






I would like to say thank you to my sponsor, Fox clothing For all their support.

(ADNnativo) Thanks for your time and for your fantastic photos!

(Lucia Griggi) It was a pleasure to answer your questions.

ADNnativo Team

ADNnativo want to be thankful with Rocio reyes Liranzo y Fafico Taveras

  1. thanks for everything great here!


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