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Entra en el siguiente link y entérate de que va con lo nuevo del surfing femenino!! No olvides compartirlo y darle like para apoyar este tipo de iniciativas. Se parte no un simple espectador!!!

hi, my name is Natalia Olmedo im from Dominican Republic im 18 years old. Last year I had the great opportunity to go to Peru with the ‘FEDOSURF’ to participate in the first Bolivarian beach games, was an amazing experience to travel and represent my country at the same time meeting incredible surfers and learn from them it was just awesome, I did not win the contest, or pass any of my heat but I’m just so grateful to have gone it and i did enjoy every minute I was there, is completely different from where I live, the water is cold, the waves are bigger, the weather was always cloudy but still had so much fun with everyone there and surfing and other sea. thanks for this opportunity Roxy 🙂

Natalia Olmedo RDNatalia Olmedo RD